How can I help?

Yogability(TM) Classes

If you're looking for chanting, headstands, and fast flows, this is not the yoga for you.  Based on Yoga, Fitness and Biomechanics I empower others through logic and science using valuable tools to help increase mobility, flexibility, strength, body awareness.  Learn to understand your body's pain points and therefore, use the tools outside of class (in your everyday life) to enhance wellness.


Fascia Release & Stretch 1:1

Too often our muscles are either too short or too long.  Either way, they are weak.  The fascia (the fibers that hold your body together) will develop scar tissue over time, limiting your flexibility and causing pain.  I can help with certain techniques to release tension build up from excessive sitting, sports, or posture imbalance.

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Pelvic Floor Training

Incontinence, low back and hop pain, issues with intimacy, and prolapse issues can be easily addressed.  Low Pressure Core Training is a non-traditional corrective modality used to correct and prevent certain dysfunctions. Relieve inter-abdominal pressure through breathing and abdominal vacuuming exercises that retrain the entire core to strengthen eccentrically - meaning no contractions and gaining more strength than concentric exercises. 

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Past Life Regression

One of my favourite modalities to assist my clients in healing past wounds, understanding relationships, discovering the root cause of repetitive patterns, and so much more.  To heal the past, present, and future, inferior imprints need to be released while supportive ones are adopted to ensure healing is right down to the cellular level (and within the Akashic Records).

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Energy Medecine

Are you struggling with health, relationships, or creating the life you love?  Every physical issue begins with an emotion, experience, and belief that lodges itself in the body.  Each session is designed according to the specific needs of the client and incorporates one or more modalities (including Past-Life Regression, Reiki, Axiatonal Alignment, hands-on techniques, herbal remedies, hormone balancing, and so much more).


Akashic Records & Soul Genesis

One of the most profound healing modalities I have ever experienced is exploration of the Akashic Records and clearing of karmic imprints through Soul Genesis.  Watch this video to learn more.

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Lymphatic System & Vagus Nerve

The most overlooked system in the body to maximize your health and wellbeing is your lymphatic system.  If you live in North America, you have a lymphatic issue - the fluid that pumps and cleans out most of the toxins from the body.  I can teach you an easy process to stimulate your lymph and magnify the results through waking up or relaxing your Vagus Nerve - the longest and most significant nerve in the body going from your brain to your gut (where your immune system lives).

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Axiatonal Alignment or Reiki

Non-invasive healing modalities to realign the energy centres as well as rebalance masculine and feminine energies to improve wellbeing on all levels.  Watch the video to learn more.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a modality which can bring fast relief to all kinds of issues from anxiety, addictions, physical issues and all the way to false beliefs and nagging emotions.  It is an energy medicine tool.